DMARC Aggregate Report Visualizer

Published on 2024-01-24

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DMARC Aggregate Report Visualizer


Code on Github: Install DMARC Report Visualizer

This is an open source data visualizer to help you analyze your DMARC Aggregate Reports. Watch the 5 minute video to see how you can install and start using this tool. If you wish to reverse engineer this tool for other applications, you can watch this 1 hour lecture that explains the source code line by line.

Here is a screenshot of the tool:

Screenshot of DMARC Visualizer


A Linux Machine with Docker and Docker Compose installed.


Assume the ~/ reflects your project directory, meaning the same directory as the file docker-compose.yml. So if your docker-compose.yml is in /home/stephanie/dmarc/docker-compose.yml, then all mentions of ~/ in the instructions below will mean /home/stephanie/dmarc/.

Start Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana

  1. Make a copy of ~/env.sample to ~/.env. Optional - customize settings for better security.
  2. Type cd ~/ to return to project directory.
  3. Type docker-compose up --build -d to start up the ELK project.
  4. Login with elastic and the password found in the ~/.env file to ensure the entire ELK stack is up and running.
  5. Open your web browser and go to https://<ip address or hostname of kibana>:5601.
  6. Accept any security warnings about untrusted SSL certificates.

Ingest Data

  1. Make a copy of ~/parser/env.sample to ~/parser/.env. Optional - customize settings for better security.
  2. Put all your zipped DMARC aggregation reports into the ~/parser/logs/zipped/. Sample DMARC aggregration reports can be copied from ~/parser/logs/zipped-sample/. The zipped DMARC reports should end with any of the following filename extensions: *.gz or *.zip.
  3. Type docker exec -it dmarc-parser-1 ./ to extract, transform and load DMARC aggregation data into your ELK stack.
  4. Go to your web browser in Kibana and go to Dashboards to see your DMARC Dashboard.

If you need any assistance, email us through our Contact Form.